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Diabetes Blogweek; Day 2 – Keeping It To Myself

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“Yes, I have diabetes.”  Silence.

That’s the point in the conversation I try to weigh my options.  Do I really explain the nitty-gritty details or do I let it go at that and let the conclusions/questions come as they may?  Do I deflect or go into detail?  It’s a part of that dance all of us who have joined Club D must learn to finesse.  I have to admit; after my T1 diagnosis Summer of 2013 (having been misdiagnosed as T2 for about 6 years), I struggled with not overwhelming the mildly curious person with my new-found information overload. I still find it hard sometimes to know when to keep it to myself.  After all, Diabetes can be all-consuming at times.

For example, the kids and I were in our group guitar lesson when I realized that I felt funky.  After a quick check of the Dexcom I decided I’d better excuse myself, test to verify, and consume some carbs.  I was at 49.  Ugh.  I downed my 15g carb and returned to the lesson.  I did a cursory, “I’m low so I might not be as coordinated for a few minutes” and plowed ahead (a perfect analogy of my strumming abilities while low).  The teacher asked what it felt like but, in the middle of the lesson and without full faculties about me anyway, I mumbled something along the lines of “a little shaky.”  That explanation certainly didn’t do it justice.  The time and place weren’t right for that discussion and the detailed version wouldn’t have benefited anybody present.

More to the actual intent of the “Keep It To Yourself “topic:  I would have to say that this blog is something that, although published on the internet, I don’t really have plans yet to announce it to my friends and family.  It’s somehow easier to share Diabetes with people who are interested.  That’s not to say that my family and friends are not interested.  A better way to put it is that I feel it’s not something they should be interested in.  I mean, honestly, would you be reading this blog if you didn’t have a connection to Diabetes?  If they really want to know, I can always send them the link.  Until then I’ll keep on “Keeping It To Myself”…


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  1. I agree. I haven’t posted about my Diabetes blog/website to Facebook, or told any of my friends or family about it, for that reason.



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