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One of the best changes for me came when I started using the Omnipod.  It enabled me to fine tune my night time basal requirements.  Additionally, I had more flexibility with the times that I eat and the variety of foods.  I also use the Dexcom G4.  The graphs and trending arrows really help me with my daily management.  I haven’t taken advantage of the Share technology but see where it could be a huge benefit for some in their diabetes management.

I feel pretty lucky to have been diagnosed in this era of diabetes care.  Having read many of the DOC blogs, I realize what a gift it was, especially for my mother, that I was not diagnosed as a child.  Obviously there are many innovations in trial and development.  One that interests me is the Freestyle Libre.  I like the idea of eliminating fingersticks.   If it is indeed as accurate as the current meter technology that would be a huge benefit.

Changes I’d like to see in the near future (besides a cure of course)?  That the Dexcom, like the Freestyle Libre, gets rid of the need for fingerstick calibration AND becomes so accurate that it is approved for dosing insulin.  If I’m really going out on a limb; that I would be able to control both my Omnipod and Dexcom from my phone without the need to carry the seperate PDM or Receiver.  And finally, that all of the information be automatically saved to a cloud with easy sharing technology for appointments.


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  1. Yes, easy sharing technology would be great!

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  2. I would love to be able to do everything on my phone. I hate having to dig around for all my different devices. So annoying!

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