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Except When It Doesn’t… & Woot! Woot!

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It’s Monday and time to post something.  I hope I have enough past “posts” to get me through this summer.

October 11, 2014

Except When It Doesn’t…

Oh the fall is glorious.  I am so happy to see the beautiful colors.  What a balm to my soul.  Things seem pretty quiet on the diabetes front.  Numbers are fairly steady although I’d like to see a tighter control while I feel it will be more possible.  I am grateful for such a long honeymoon, dear Pancreas.  I’m sad to see your decline of late despite the low carb diet and long acting insulin but am still grateful for the time to adjust; to process; to cope; to mourn; to move on; to come up with a plan.

I am anxiously awaiting my Omnipod training.  Only four days to go! My original plan was to do MDI for about a year and then check into pump therapy.  But, after re-evaluation and the upcoming relocation, I have decided to start the pump sooner than later.  Plus, everything I’ve read about pump therapy leads me to believe that it may be the best thing for me (with LADA) as I have been going rather low some nights with the Levermir.  Except this last week…I’ve been running higher at night in general.

That’s diabetes.  Always follows the rules, except when it doesn’t.

October 17, 2014

Woot Woot!

Wow.  I’m loving this Omnipod.  I finally connected with the trainer on Wednesday and can’t believe I’ve ever done anything else.  OK, so there’s a few things to iron out but it will get better to be sure.  I’m gonna start a photo album called Pod Art.  My youngest daughter has become my pod artist.  My first pod was the Tartus from Dr. Who.  Too cool.  Now she’s doing my second (the Time Vortex) in preparation for tomorrow’s pod change. Tonight we’re watching The Incredibles (for the umpteenth hundredth time ;).  All I can say is:  (contented) Sigh.  “I love this family.”


MDI Blues

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Here is another post from the past.

October 3, 2014

Grr.  Can’t stand that tummy rumbling thing that I get as I drop lower.  Only 159 and I want food but know I will have to bolus for a snack so I’d just rather just wait until I have to bolus for dinner.  I’ve been on multiple daily injections for 4 weeks now.  The last few days I have caught myself hesitating before each injection; will this one hurt? Squint.  Relax.  Breathe.  Ok, stop psyching yourself out me.  I don’t know why it seems like such a big deal.  I mean, I’ve been on Levemir for over a year so that has been a daily shot.  Maybe it’s because my tummy is covered in little freckle-like bruises.  Some of those pricks prick!

The silver lining is that I received my Omnipod pump in the mail this week.  I can’t wait until my training.  I’m glad I decided to start the pump sooner than later.  My rational was that I will need time to get all of the basal/bolus, carb factors and ratios, etc. adjusted before I move.  As well, I think the pump will be a better delivery method for my basal insulin especially.  And I’m still learning my carb factors and my insulin sensitivities.  I’d definitely like tighter control while I have a little pancreatic function left to, hopefully, sustain it as long as possible.

Today I was in the upper 80’s before lunch when I treated with exactly 5.5g carb – 1 mini snickers.  That made me shoot up to 122 with the slanty arrow up.  I was in 130’s when I next checked and bolused 1.5u Novolog before eating 2 Taco Bell crunchy tacos.  It was 12g per taco.  Plus 5g agave in my large iced tea.  Total 29 carbs. I climbed to 180’s anyway.  Some carbs my body just doesn’t seem to want to handle.

Then there’s the sensor thing.  I adjusted my Dexcom when it was saying 68 down arrow and I was really 96.   It’s a new sensor today (accidentally ripped off last one).  That always takes a bit to settle in.  I’m trying out a new spot for the second sensor; my upper thigh.  It was a bit of a bleeder going in and I can feel it when I walk.  Maybe there is not enough fat where I placed it?   Now, how to make it last the full 7 days…

Although I’ve had a few beautiful nights with a steady graph on my Dexcom 98 all night long – no drops that I could see, it makes me wonder if my new spot for the sensor isn’t quite accurate.  I’ve been waking the last few nights with weird dreams.  No, that’s not right because my meter confirmed some of the readings.  I could be fighting off strep.  My youngest was diagnosed with this week with it.  I will say, the two days he stayed home and we lazed on the couch were helpful to me too.  I napped the first day and I’m not a daytime napper as a rule.

Well, now I’m smelling the beautiful aroma of microwave popcorn.  That is something I haven’t figured out how to bolus for…sigh.  Think I’ll take a walk now.  The leaves out are simply gorgeous and the temperature is divine.   I love October!

“LADA It Go…!”

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So I’m late with my Monday post.  Finishing out the school year and prepping for the move are taking all my attention. In an effort to keep up my weekly posts, I’m sneaking a few moments to post this prior entry from my “offline” blog.

September 23, 2014

There has to be a link.  The greys started randomly in my thirty’s but seem to have picked up steam along with my type 2 (mis)diagnosis in 2008.  Then came the LADA lady and the correct diagnosis one year ago!  Wow, I really went into high gear with the grey production then.  I know that it’s probably just dealing with the stress of it all.  But, darn it, why can’t it just slow down a bit.  My oldest daughter is the one who told me that “It’s ok, Mom.  I think they’re pretty.  Like Elsa’s hair.”  I would agree except that those particular hairs seem to break off to about two inches long and stick straight up.  The rest of my hair being long and as dark brown as it gets without being black makes the “Elsa” hairs all the more noticeable.  “LET IT GO…”

In the scheme of things, greys happen.  Still, I can’t help but wonder as I look at my reflection how much does Diabetes influence/increase the aging process?

Still Searching

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Trying to keep up with my Monday posts as the school year draws down and we gear up for the crazy busy summer.  Here is a post I wrote at the beginning of the school year.  I was still searching for a blog title knowing I was interested in starting a blog.

September 2014

It occurred to me this morning while I was reading a few Diabetes blogs that Kerri Sparling’s blog with its’ catchy title “Six Until Me” could be an inspiration in my search to find a blog title.  Along those lines I could name my blog:

“I Had a Life”.

Or maybe; “Game Changer”.

Perhaps; “The First Half.” (Wait, that means I only live until I’m 80 or so)…

Regardless of title, I’ll have to keep this offline blog until I can figure it out.  I’m afraid I’ll be a bit scattered tonight but there are so many thoughts just rattling around that I want to get out so I can make sense of it all.

LADA creeps up on you.  You think you understand what’s going on only to find that you had no idea and are reduced to a pent up ball of “what if’s.”  That’s the time you begin to reflect on the many twists and turns on the pathway of life.

Why so philosophical?  It really is a culmination of several things.  I went to see Amy Grant recently with my hubby and oldest daughter.  I used to listen to her music in high school.  High school.  So many things are touching those same raw spots that you think you have matured past.  It’s not that I had a tragic life.  No, it’s remembering all the turmoil of those years:   “Who am I? What do I want to become?  What do I want to do with my life?  Who will I become?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?”  My oldest daughter is starting her senior year of high school which brings a new set of uncertainties just when I thought I was getting a handle on things. How do I best advise, guide, and support her as she finishes her HS career and navigates the beginning of the rest of her life?

Then there’s my son who began asking last night about how God created the universe and etc.  Some more weighty concepts to try and grapple with. Of course, he started asking when I was bleary-eyed and groping for focus to enunciate even the simplest of sentences.  It isn’t always fair.  The questions should come when we are well rested and have had adequate preparation.  After all, they don’t ask forever.  They don’t look up to us as holding all of the answers forever.  We are lucky enough to be in their lives for such a brief time.  So it’s hard to feel tongue-tied and have the moment slip by.

And last but not least, the biggie of late – we just found out we are going to be moving sometime this coming year.  I’m not quite able to map a plan of action because nothing is ever that simple.  I could type out lists of questions I need to find answers for in the next few weeks.  Not the least of which brings me back to the fact that this is really a diabetes blog and I have been trying to find my way around the world of bolus.  I recently graduated to needing more than just a long-acting insulin and a strict low carb diet.  My honeymoon has come to an end.  My poor pancreas is no longer a happy pancreas!  My 13 year-old said she was going to get me a t-shirt that read “Not a Happy Pancreas.”  There truly isn’t just one question when it comes to diabetes plan of action in the near future.  There are many.  Too many for this moment.

So I just breathe and take in this moment in time.  And remember to smile.  And to hug my kids and my husband a little bit harder, longer….

Wait. That could be the title; “The Unhappy Pancreas.”

Mt. Fuji

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Yep, it’s been one of those days.  Or should I say a Dorito Day.  Doritos, my bane.  There are times I just want Doritos and yet they sent me to the stratosphere EVERY SINGLE TIME.  (Oh, sorry about that.  I’ll stop shouting).  Every time it is followed by a Mt. Fuji descent. Live and learn; again.  In my defense, I sometimes get away with eating two or three blue corn chips without the nasty hike up.  It seems to be Nacho Cheese Doritos (the original and best) specifically that get that result .  Sigh.  I have no defense.  Time to kiss my Dorito habit goodbye for good…

Chrysanthemum Cupcakes

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Continuing with my Monday posts as a minimum, here is a prior post I wrote on my daughter’s birthday entitled:

Wonky Birthday to You!


Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!  Tonight I had my first hypo unaware while awake.  My Dexcom has not been reliable this sensor (Ob..vious-ly).   It has run consistently around 40 points off my meter.  So when I checked Dex before we were to have birthday cupcakes I saw a steady arrow with 94.  OK.  Not bad.  Maybe a cup of tea for me and a hearty rendition of that traditional birthday tune.  I’m not sure what gave me pause to think, “maybe I should just test to check that.”  Needless to say the 52 that came up on my meter was a definitely a WWW?!  (That is to say, “WO! Wait. What?” Come on, work with me here.  I’m trying to get with the times and add to the growing lexicon of texting acronyms in honor of my teen daughter’s birthday) as was the 54 for the very next strip.  Come to think of it, my fingertips did then feel a little numb.  That’s new for me.  I usually feel wonky first.  Wonky is my term for disjunct, wobbly, slightly nervous, and uncoordinated.  But no, that was definitely not on the menu for this hypo.  I might add that I usually feel hypos starting in the 80’s so I was a more than a little surprised at this reading (again obvious).  As we were lighting the candle I’m thinking, “get off the roof, get off the roof, get off the roof.”  A line from Mulan, the Disney rendering of a Chinese fable.  It’s one of those things I say when I am trying to focus on doing something important and doing it quickly.  In this case, I needed to get the birthday candle lit and the song sung and half a cupcake shoved in my mouth as quick as possible because now I really was starting to feel it.  Headache, numb fingers, flushed?  I don’t know.  It was strange.  So, the half cupcake, about 4 oz. of milk and a cup of hot tea with cream did the trick.  Unfortunately a little too well.  233 now.  Sigh.

I’ll get this right.  I know I will.  I just need to up my learning curve.  And probably just use glucose tabs to control the lows.  But yuck!  I’d much rather have the half cupcake.  Or, at least, the marshmallow topping which made the cupcake look like a chrysanthemum and taste like Peeps.  I’m not too wild about the cake part in general.

Anyway, I’m taking a break for the night from my Dex.  It wasn’t helpful this sensor. (Another big O).  Tomorrow is another day, another sensor.  And I do have a gaggle of 13 year olds to manage for a late night and possible fire pit complete with pizza and s’mores…