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“LADA It Go…!”

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So I’m late with my Monday post.  Finishing out the school year and prepping for the move are taking all my attention. In an effort to keep up my weekly posts, I’m sneaking a few moments to post this prior entry from my “offline” blog.

September 23, 2014

There has to be a link.  The greys started randomly in my thirty’s but seem to have picked up steam along with my type 2 (mis)diagnosis in 2008.  Then came the LADA lady and the correct diagnosis one year ago!  Wow, I really went into high gear with the grey production then.  I know that it’s probably just dealing with the stress of it all.  But, darn it, why can’t it just slow down a bit.  My oldest daughter is the one who told me that “It’s ok, Mom.  I think they’re pretty.  Like Elsa’s hair.”  I would agree except that those particular hairs seem to break off to about two inches long and stick straight up.  The rest of my hair being long and as dark brown as it gets without being black makes the “Elsa” hairs all the more noticeable.  “LET IT GO…”

In the scheme of things, greys happen.  Still, I can’t help but wonder as I look at my reflection how much does Diabetes influence/increase the aging process?


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