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Here is another post from the past.

October 3, 2014

Grr.  Can’t stand that tummy rumbling thing that I get as I drop lower.  Only 159 and I want food but know I will have to bolus for a snack so I’d just rather just wait until I have to bolus for dinner.  I’ve been on multiple daily injections for 4 weeks now.  The last few days I have caught myself hesitating before each injection; will this one hurt? Squint.  Relax.  Breathe.  Ok, stop psyching yourself out me.  I don’t know why it seems like such a big deal.  I mean, I’ve been on Levemir for over a year so that has been a daily shot.  Maybe it’s because my tummy is covered in little freckle-like bruises.  Some of those pricks prick!

The silver lining is that I received my Omnipod pump in the mail this week.  I can’t wait until my training.  I’m glad I decided to start the pump sooner than later.  My rational was that I will need time to get all of the basal/bolus, carb factors and ratios, etc. adjusted before I move.  As well, I think the pump will be a better delivery method for my basal insulin especially.  And I’m still learning my carb factors and my insulin sensitivities.  I’d definitely like tighter control while I have a little pancreatic function left to, hopefully, sustain it as long as possible.

Today I was in the upper 80’s before lunch when I treated with exactly 5.5g carb – 1 mini snickers.  That made me shoot up to 122 with the slanty arrow up.  I was in 130’s when I next checked and bolused 1.5u Novolog before eating 2 Taco Bell crunchy tacos.  It was 12g per taco.  Plus 5g agave in my large iced tea.  Total 29 carbs. I climbed to 180’s anyway.  Some carbs my body just doesn’t seem to want to handle.

Then there’s the sensor thing.  I adjusted my Dexcom when it was saying 68 down arrow and I was really 96.   It’s a new sensor today (accidentally ripped off last one).  That always takes a bit to settle in.  I’m trying out a new spot for the second sensor; my upper thigh.  It was a bit of a bleeder going in and I can feel it when I walk.  Maybe there is not enough fat where I placed it?   Now, how to make it last the full 7 days…

Although I’ve had a few beautiful nights with a steady graph on my Dexcom 98 all night long – no drops that I could see, it makes me wonder if my new spot for the sensor isn’t quite accurate.  I’ve been waking the last few nights with weird dreams.  No, that’s not right because my meter confirmed some of the readings.  I could be fighting off strep.  My youngest was diagnosed with this week with it.  I will say, the two days he stayed home and we lazed on the couch were helpful to me too.  I napped the first day and I’m not a daytime napper as a rule.

Well, now I’m smelling the beautiful aroma of microwave popcorn.  That is something I haven’t figured out how to bolus for…sigh.  Think I’ll take a walk now.  The leaves out are simply gorgeous and the temperature is divine.   I love October!


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