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Except When It Doesn’t… & Woot! Woot!

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It’s Monday and time to post something.  I hope I have enough past “posts” to get me through this summer.

October 11, 2014

Except When It Doesn’t…

Oh the fall is glorious.  I am so happy to see the beautiful colors.  What a balm to my soul.  Things seem pretty quiet on the diabetes front.  Numbers are fairly steady although I’d like to see a tighter control while I feel it will be more possible.  I am grateful for such a long honeymoon, dear Pancreas.  I’m sad to see your decline of late despite the low carb diet and long acting insulin but am still grateful for the time to adjust; to process; to cope; to mourn; to move on; to come up with a plan.

I am anxiously awaiting my Omnipod training.  Only four days to go! My original plan was to do MDI for about a year and then check into pump therapy.  But, after re-evaluation and the upcoming relocation, I have decided to start the pump sooner than later.  Plus, everything I’ve read about pump therapy leads me to believe that it may be the best thing for me (with LADA) as I have been going rather low some nights with the Levermir.  Except this last week…I’ve been running higher at night in general.

That’s diabetes.  Always follows the rules, except when it doesn’t.

October 17, 2014

Woot Woot!

Wow.  I’m loving this Omnipod.  I finally connected with the trainer on Wednesday and can’t believe I’ve ever done anything else.  OK, so there’s a few things to iron out but it will get better to be sure.  I’m gonna start a photo album called Pod Art.  My youngest daughter has become my pod artist.  My first pod was the Tartus from Dr. Who.  Too cool.  Now she’s doing my second (the Time Vortex) in preparation for tomorrow’s pod change. Tonight we’re watching The Incredibles (for the umpteenth hundredth time ;).  All I can say is:  (contented) Sigh.  “I love this family.”


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