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Call [Dex] Me Maybe…

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I have never dropped my phone in water.  Wow.  That’s pretty incredible when I think about it.  That’s where my incredible ends.

It’s been that kind of day.  I had to take my dog to meet her sitter family for next week.  To state that I have a smart dog is an understatement.  She reads body language so well that before I even finish my thought of giving her something that I’m cutting up she stands up and stares at me.  Today she seized her moment when I was distracted to sneak off and explore the woods.  I might add that the woods here are laden with poison ivy.  Since I didn’t particularly want to experience that unpleasantness a bath was the next order of business.

I filled the wash basin in the yard.  After donning my gloves, I proceeded to make sure I worked up an excellent lather on my pup despite her desperate attempts to escape.  She hates cold water and that is, unfortunately, the temperature to use after a possible poison ivy contact.   In the middle of getting some really copious suds going I hear a plop. I look down to my horror and see my Dexcom sinking beneath the surface of the bath water.  I grabbed it just as it reached the bottom, tore off my gloves and pulled it out of the black clip-on case that, needless to say, wasn’t clipped on at the time.  By some miracle, the inside of the case was dry.  The charging door was open but I’m sure that happened when I pushed it out of the case.  It seemed to be working still but then gave the ominous —.  With a sinking feeling I shut it down and asked my daughter to take it in the house and put it in some rice.

Only then did I look up to see my pup running about the yard rubbing on every available surface trying to rid herself of my beautiful suds.  She did come back over to me when I called (which goes to show that she does truly love me).  I proceeded to thoroughly rinse off suds, dirt and leaves, my gloves abandoned in a heap on the ground.

Later on I turned on my dex but left it in the container of rice.  I felt a bit silly carrying a tub of rice about from room to room for the rest of the day but it seems to be working.  Here’s hoping all’s well that ends well.

I am happy to note, as I finish this post started almost two weeks ago, that we have remained poison ivy free.  I’m even more happy to note that my Dexcom receiver is happily alarming away…well, you know what I mean.


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  1. I am very pessimistic about the validity of the “rice trick”, but I’m happy for both your water-free Dexcom receiver and your poison ivy-free dog!


  2. Thanks, in that moment my pessimism was overcome by my desperation. In truth, I probably snatched it out before any true water infiltration could happen but as my dexcom is doing its’ job maybe the rice helped a bit.



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