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Reduced to Random…As I Type…

It’s true that I have been swamped with life lately;  a move, a vacation to visit family, school physicals, school registrations, settling my oldest into the dorm, figuring out bus schedules, Back-to-School orientations, welcome picnics, settling into our new house, address changes, PCM visits, finding new dentists for everyone, registering vehicles… and one home sick as I type…

It’s not that I haven’t had the desire to write.  It’s just that when I get a moment those poignant thoughts seem to have slipped out of my head on the way down to the basement to put in another load of laundry.  Not to mention the thousand things that need to be done that side track me on the way downstairs.  Really, it’s too bad that I have to walk through my kitchen to get there.  Oh, gosh.  I’ve got to get dinner in the crock pot.  In fact, I haven’t really done much laundry come to think of it and it’s piling up as I type….

Since this about Diabetes…yes, I forgot to bolus for breakfast this morning and only realized when my Dexcom alarmed with a slanty arrow up.  Thank you Dex for keeping me on track when I forget.  Despite the fact that you were a lot lower than my sensor…man, feeling funny….Nice, 67.  Funny, didn’t hear that alarm despite Dex being beside me as I type…

Well, since I’m reduced to random again and another pile of pressing is crowding out what I had intended to say, I’m going to go enjoy a cup of tea and a cookie.  At least this time I have a reason for the random as I type…


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  1. Don’t forget to bolus for the cookie! Keep ignoring the laundry. It’ll be there tomorrow.

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