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A Carb is not a Carb…A Carb is a Carb?

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A few thoughts on Carbs today from my offline “blog.”  I guess there are always (or at least) two ways to look at things when it comes to diabetes. #YDMV

December 31, 2014

A Carb is not a Carb is not a Carb…

62 slanty arrow down.  At least the arrow is not straight down like moments ago.  And now I wait… until 12:15.  Might have to chew those awful glucose tabs yet.  I had 4 ounces of orange juice.  I don’t particularly like orange juice.  Ah, there we go 59 arrow sideways.  My life with carb normal freedom hasn’t been the success that I’d thought it would be.  It hasn’t been as difficult either.  I have had the occasional swings but mostly when I’ve tried to eat outright sweets… or corn products… or wheat items… or French fries… a carb is not a carb is not a carb.  Not all carbs are equal.  57 arrow sideways.  I’m a little bit stare stare stare.  And probably not just cause it’s so late.  Or early, depending on the glass status. Oh, and Happy New Year.

January 7, 2015

A Carb is a Carb

Soap box out.  Positioning myself upon it.  Begin…

Don’t fall for those magazines who market themselves to diabetics with a big piece of “diabetic friendly” cheesecake on the cover.  Don’t let people fool you into thinking you can eat as much as you want as long as it’s sugar-free.  I get so mad at the marketing. Label it as “healthy” now that the sugar is replaced by chemical experiments sold as sweeteners.

I’m not telling you what you should eat.  I’m just tired of the misinformation shoved at us diabetics as we try to pick and choose our way to healthy glucose levels.  And the fact remains that, while some carbs are more nutrient rich than others, all carbs are carbs and will raise our glucose levels no matter their sugar content.

End Rant! 🙂


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