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A Dexcom Halloween Come Early….

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Fair warning; there is a picture to accompany this post at the end which has…blood.  Read no further if the sight or mention of it makes you queasy.

Everyone who pierces their skin on a regular basis has one.  You know what I’m talking about.  The place you inject that just doesn’t want to play nice.  It hurts more that expected going in and it bleeds more than expected when the needle comes out.  I’d had a few of these type in my short time as a T1D.  In the case of inserting a Dexcom sensor, I have observed a red dot spread beneath the clear plastic while waiting to attach the transmitter.  The dot doesn’t usually get too large.  This extra bit of blood underneath the sensor doesn’t really seem to effect the readings and, therefore, I just proceed as normal.

This time, however, normal was not on the agenda.  My first clue was the extra “OUCH” factor going in.  I finished the insertion process and proceeded to wipe down the transmitter while watching the familiar little red dot appear.  Only the red dot didn’t stay a dot.  It got larger and more irregular shaped.  It then proceeded to come up thorough the places in the sensor where the transmitter attaches.  I thought surely it would stop but no, it continued to grow and a drop formed.  I guess when you have what amounts to a straw attached to your vein it’s only logical that it wouldn’t want to stop.  At that point I knew that it would be useless to try and save the sensor.  I had to remove it and apply a bit of pressure.  Luckily it didn’t take that long to stop once the straw was removed.  Disgruntled and disgusted, I started the whole process over with a new sensor.

The only true horror to this mini horror show was the waste of a sensor.


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