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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ever the Comedian

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After testing/bolusing this morning I had to wipe my finger twice and apply a bit of pressure.  My husband called me downstairs and halfway down I noticed another drop had formed.  When I exhaled a little frustrated huff he looked quizzically at me. I held up my finger for inspection.

His reply?!  “Same to you.”


Pod Woes in Flight

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Thanks to my reading this blog post at ASweetLife, I was aware of the problem of extra insulin delivered from changes in pressure during air travel.  The article is mostly about tubed pumps but I can attest to the fact that the Omnipod has the same issue.  I’ve flown several times since with varying degrees of lows.  That first flight I did have a  super-scary-52-heart-pounding-hot-flashing-double-arrows-down-not-playing-nice-poke-my-daughter-awake-asking-for-rice-crispy-treats-and-anything-sweet-not-wanting-to-arrow-at-least-sideways-for-a-full-30-minutes kind of low.  But I learned to develop my own little life hack for travel.  I eat a low carb meal with no bolus before takeoff.  Then follow with a small snack as needed.  I must admit that I was a bit lulled into thinking that there was a status quo; a modus operandi, a playbook, my rules, my way.

After many successful flights I found my best laid plans dissolve this past weekend as my heart started to pound and the temperature in the plane seemed to spike and I felt the familiar buzz buzz buzz of the Dexcom on my hip alerting me to a low.  For some reason I was a lot lower than my Dexcom when I tested to verify but luckily it seemed to rebound much quicker than that first time.  It probably helped that I felt more calm and detached from the whole situation; “Hmm, how odd that it’s that much lower (30 points) than my Dexcom.  No wonder I’m feeling a bit flushed.  Guess I get to eat some of that super sweet salted caramel cookie I brought along for lows.”  I downed my cookie with a bit of “Sleepy-time Vanilla” herbal tea I brought along.  Definitely hit the spot.  All’s well that ends well.

All the same, I’d rather not have my plans “gang aft agley.”  So from now on Diabetes take note; my rules, my way.