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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Tell Me Something New

In the pursuit of healthy living/better A1c’s I have been trying to gravitate toward more whole foods.  Paleo. Low Carb. Gluten Free.  Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book.  These are all a part of the things I have read and considered.  Recently I found a blog whose emphasis is cutting out processed foods so I decided to sign up for the e-newsletter.  I finally got around to checking my email this morning and imagine my surprise to read that most olive oil available in the US is actually flavored canola.  I have largely stopped using canola based on the things I’ve read relating to the changes it undergoes when heated.  So, in the spirit of due diligence, I decided to google the latest news to see if olive oil has been making headlines of late.  Which is where I came across this article about the benefits of olive for those with type 1.  And this article about the benefits for those with type 2.

Such is the nature of google research.  You get a myriad of information to sift through.  I read the first and skimmed the second article.  I get it.  Olive oil is good for you.  Or would be if you could get actual olive oil.  It appears that there have been issues with oils sold here in the US passed off as authentic Italian or Extra Virgin that are really neither.  And those two studies regarding DM and olive oil?  The first test done in Naples, Italy used 13 test subjects.  Really?  The second article by the Olive Oil Times references several studies from respectable sounding institutions using enough medical sounding terms in their presentation to lend credence to their claims.  Further articles I read talked about a fungus which affected the Italian olive crops this year leading to a recent 20% increase in prices and the consumers in the United States who expect the lower prices that the fake olive oils provide.  Supply and demand.  Clearly the demand for olive oil will suffer in the face of this recent news.  Maybe.  Or maybe it will lead to people buying higher priced oils in the hopes that they are actually what they claim to be on the label.

So what is my bottom-line-take-away in all of this?  We have no idea where our food really and truly comes from or what it is that we are actually eating.  We try to make informed decisions based on all of the information coming our way with the caveat that the information we read usually comes from someone who benefits in some way from influencing our decisions.  This extends to our medications as well.  The best we can do is to continually educate ourselves while questioning the sources of the information and cross referencing when possible.

On the one hand, we are fortunate that all of this information is available to sift through.  In this digital age we have quicker means of gathering information when a bottle of “snake oil” is placed before us.

On the other hand, there is nothing new under the sun.