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Lucky You, Lucky Me

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 It’s March and that always brings to mind visions of dancing leprechauns and four-leaf clovers.  The anticipation of spring is seen and felt by all.  There are buds on the tree outside my bathroom window and the eager daffodils push their buds ever upward despite the chilly nights.  The temperature has been a perfect 60 degrees F of late.  My son and I were able to watch a beautiful sunset while shooting some hoops (ok, admittedly I was more focused on the painted sky which would explain in part why he so thoroughly beat me).

Tomorrow I have my second appoint with my new Endo and although I don’t think my A1C will be where I want it to be, I feel optimistic about my new focus and steps towards bringing it back to a place I want it to be.

So here’s to hope and the promise of spring.  I had a friend comment to me once that in a way I was lucky because I had medical reason that I had to take care of myself and eat more carefully (not that she thought it was a good thing to have Diabetes) and that she wished she could find that kind of motivation to stick to a healthier diet and exercise routine.  I suppose that’s one way to look at it.  And, since all I really have the option to choose at this point is how I choose to look at things…Lucky you, Lucky ME!


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