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D-Blog Week 2017; Monday – Expecting the Unexpected

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“Diabetes can sometimes seem to play by a rulebook that makes no sense, tossing out unexpected challenges at random.  What are your best tips for being prepared when the unexpected happens?  Or, take this topic another way and tell us about some good things diabetes has brought into your, or your loved one’s, life that you never could have expected?”


Expecting the unexpected is probably the perfect way to describe diabetes.  You can kind of relate it to the movie “Speed.”  You’re driving on a freeway with no option of slowing down and you must deal with whatever is in front of you at the time.  Occasionally you will see the gap in the highway and you step on the gas hoping that you will hit the pavement on the other side (think low blood sugars).  Often you find yourself wishing you had missed the bus to begin with but wishing doesn’t change the fact that if you slow down you will explode (think awful complications that come from years of high blood sugars).

So how do you prepare for something that often finds you on the wrong bus headed for a gap in the highway?  I suppose the first step you’ve already taken.  Read, read, read.  Educate yourself on how to formulate a plan and a back-up plan and a back-up to the back-up plan.  For instance, after reading this post at ASweetLife about how the changes in altitude can cause unexpected lows, I was not taken by suprise when this happened to me.

Really the best you can hope for is to take some of the anxiety out of dealing with the unexpected by educating yourself on the possibilities.  Welcome to the DOC (Diabetic Online Community); this is the perfect place to start.


To read more from the DOC regarding today’s topic, go here!


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  1. Great analogy! Yes, education is so important to dealing with the unexpected.

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  2. I second Kelley’s comment – what a great analogy. And yes, the best things I’ve ever learned about the real, day to day, diabetes stuff, I learn from the DOC!! ASweetLife is a great resource.

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  3. Thank goodness for the DOC and this week is a great refresher too!

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  4. I read that article when I googled flying with an insulin pump last month. Very useful 🙂

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