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D-Blog Week 2017; Tuesday – The Elephant in the Room

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DBW2017.gifThe Cost of a Chronic Illness – Tuesday 5/16
Insulin and other diabetes medications and supplies can be costly.  Here in the US, insurance status and age (as in Medicare eligibility) can impact both the cost and coverage.  So today, let’s discuss how cost impacts our diabetes care.  Do you have advice to share?  For those outside the US, is cost a concern?  Are there other factors such as accessibility or education that cause barriers to your diabetes care?  (This topic was inspired by suggestions from Rickand Jen.)


I am fortunate.  My insurance covers my diabetes needs at present.  I was also fortunate in that my T1D didn’t manifest until adulthood when I had good insurance.  We always reflect this time of the year on all that our mothers do for us.  Every time I contemplate the “what if” I am grateful that my diabetes didn’t add that burden of care onto my mother’s shoulders.  Today is the first time, however, that I’ve really considered the finiacial  burden that would have placed on her as well.

I wish I had some great insight to find solutions to this issue.  It seems every time I think about the high costs of the insulin and diabetes supplies I think of the rising costs of healthcare as a whole.  But how do you eat that proverbial elephant?  Which bite do you take first?

As usual, for answers I will turn to the DOC and read today’s posts on this subject.  Please join me.



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  1. Such a hard question to answer! I wish there was an easy solution to the rising health care costs!

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  2. That’s the great thing about community. Each person doesn’t need to have an answer to every single thing. We can all unite and look to each other.

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