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Welcome and thanks for visiting my site.

My journey with diabetes began a little over 19 years ago with my first pregnancy.  I’ve had my fair share of Diabetes diagnosis’ since that time.  First there was Gestational with two of my three children (first and third oddly enough).  Then there was Type 2 when I turned 40 and had routine blood work done.  Despite bloodwork shortly thereafter confirming that antibodies were present for T1, it wasn’t until I saw an endocrinologist Summer 2013 and the GAD-65 and C-Peptide tests were repeated that Type 1 (or LADA) came to be my main partner.

So a brief description of me now would be;

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister
Living with 4 Type AWESOMES!
Type 1.5 – LADA

Pod Pumper (Omnipod), CGMer (Dexcom G4)

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